National “Stop the Bleed” Campaign

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EMS World reports that as part of a commitment to educate citizens about important safety situations and precautions, American Medical Response (AMR) has adopted the national “Stop the Bleed” campaign and has committed resources to training local citizens about measures that can save lives during traumatic incidents.

AMR President and CEO, Edward Van Horne, said, “Throughout the year, we train citizens how to perform bystander, compression-only CPR as part of our annual National CPR Challenge. Stopping the bleed is another important way that bystanders can help somebody in need until EMTs, paramedics or firefighters arrive on the scene. We want to educate and train as many people as we can because we know how bystander intervention can save a life.”

The Stop the Bleed campaign says that people can die from blood loss within five minutes and cites a National Academies of Science study that trauma is the leading cause of death for Americans under age 46. They add, “Those nearest to someone with life-threatening injuries are best positioned to provide first care.”

AMR has committed teams and resources at the national level to start training local citizens on the simple steps to follow in case of a traumatic bleeding injury:

  • Call 911 or have somebody call 911;
  • Apply pressure with hands;
  • Apply dressing (clothes or bandages) and press firmly; and
  • Apply tourniquets 2-3 inches closer to the torso with a belt or something you can tie.

AMR has developed a series of videos, tips, and instructions on numerous health and safety topics. These are available for local cities, municipalities, schools, and non-profits to use.

National Stop the Bleeding day will take place on March 31, 2018. NSTBD is coordinating with instructors around the country to offer free bleeding control training. You can get involved by visiting to find a class near you.