National Safety Month

NSM-Logo-2016OSHA joins the National Safety Council and thousands of organizations across the country in recognizing June as National Safety Month.

Through the OSHA and NSC Alliance, both organizations are committed to providing NSC members and others with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect the health and safety of workers and understand the rights of workers and the responsibilities of employers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act).

Through the Alliance, the organizations will continue to address motor vehicle safety, construction safety, temporary and contract workers, and the importance of establishing an injury and illness prevention program.

According to NIOSH: While safety is important in all aspects of our lives, ensuring safe workplaces has the potential to save thousands of lives and prevent tens of thousands of injuries and illnesses each year. In 2014, 4,821 U.S. workers died from work-related injuries[i] and approximately 3.7 million workers suffered non-fatal injuries and illnesses.

One example of a campaign to reduce workplace injury and fatalities is the National Falls Prevention CampaignExternal Web Site Icon. NIOSH joined with partners to help prevent the leading cause of death in construction—falls. First launched in 2012, the campaign encourages everyone, from employers to workers, in the construction industry to work safely and use the right equipment to prevent falls.

As we move into summer, one hazard to watch for is CO poisoning in the marine industry. Past NIOSH investigationsExternal Web Site Icon showed very high concentrations of CO on and around houseboats using gasoline-powered generators. Stay safe this summer by learning how to prevent CO poisoning.

The Alliance will also support and promote NSC’s “Journey to Safety Excellence” (JSE) campaign, a workplace advocacy initiative focusing on continuous improvement to help make more workplaces safe across the country. The campaign offers free resources to employers including benchmarking tools, guides on a variety of safety and health topics and a forum to connect with other safety professionals.

As part of an effort to emphasize the importance of safety both on and off the job, NSC’s SafeForLife campaign highlights the leading causes of injury and death at work, on the roads, and in our homes and communities.

Visit the SafeForLife website to take the SafeAtWork pledge and access downloadable materials including posters, tips sheets and games. You will also find a video, infographic and webinar taking place on June 14.

A new NSC Safety Checkup web app provides a custom report on your specific safety risks.