Multiple Serious Hazards at MS Paper Company

Source: hxdyl - 123RF

Natchez, MS – An OSHA inspection of a major paper manufacturer revealed the company was exposing its workers to serious hazards, which included electrical and machine-guarding.

Drehle Corp is facing $303, 657 in penalties for the following violations:

  • Exposing employees to electrical hazards;
  • Lack of machine guarding;
  • Allowing combustible dust to accumulate on surfaces;
  • Failing to lockout machinery to control hazardous energy;
  • Exposing employees to arc-flash; and
  • Allowing slip, trip, and fall hazards. 

Courtney Bohannon, OSHA’s Jackson, Miss. area office director, said,
“Employers are required to assess potential hazards, and make necessary corrections to ensure a safe workplace”.

Bohannon added, “The inspection results demonstrate workplace deficiencies existed, putting workers at serious risk of injury or death.”