Monitoring Workplace Safety

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An article in Safety and Health, the official magazine of the National Safety Council, features ways to build more effective and enjoyable workplace safety committees.

The article, and the accompanying video highlight 7 points for safety committees, including:

  • Make your committee’s immediate and long-term goals reasonable, especially as the group is gaining its footing.
  • Well-run committees can be especially effective when members digest numerous perspectives, both from inside the organization and other industries.
  • Committees should be mindful of following a respectful, business-like etiquette during meetings, even as efforts are made to add novelty and interactivity.
  • Designate one member to ensure each person is being treated with respect and that proceedings remain on course.

NSC and other worker safety organizations offer extensive training in a variety of areas, while the OSHA Outreach Training Program includes 10-hour and 30-hour classes.