Medics in Dramatic Rescue of Occupants Trapped in Car Fire

Fort Worth, TX – Two medics passing the Interstate 35W northbound ramp to Interstate 20 eastbound ramp in their ambulance late last week, spotted a car on fire which had crashed into another vehicle where the ramps merged onto the highway.

According to the Dallas Morning News, medics Miguel Brito and Ryan Bader immediately took the fire extinguisher from the ambulance and suppressed the flames enough to begin extricating two adults from the car. The pair noticed that one vehicle was leaking fluids.

The medics dragged the first person out and away from the scene, leaving him next to the ambulance. All of the rescue efforts were manual because without the fire department on the scene, the medics had no tools.

The second adult was pinned under the car’s dash. One medic suffered minor cuts and a back injury while getting the person out of the vehicle.

The pair called for backup and began giving “lifesaving care” to both adults.

Emergency services later transported the two freed patients, who were in critical condition, and a third patient with minor injuries to an area trauma center.