Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Helicopter Blades

Source: Ruslan Galiullin - 123RF

Florida – The Hernando County Sheriff’s office is investigating the death of a maintenance worker at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport, on Jan 10.

The sheriff reported on Facebook that about 3:35 p.m., deputies responded to a caller who stated he and another worker were using a power cart to jumpstart a helicopter when, for an unknown reason, the helicopter suddenly jerked up and then came down.

This motion caused the main rotor blades to strike one of the men, who was working on the helicopter, in the head.

The man, who has been identified as 63-year old  Salvatore Disi, was decapitated.

The helicopter that the two men were working on at the time of the incident is used by Dr. Alfred Bonati.

The Medical Examiner’s Office in Leesburg responded to the accident to remove the body from the scene.

The incident remains under investigation. No additional details are available at this time.