Lumber Mill Exposes Workers to Amputations and Falls


The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited an Alabama lumber company for repeated and serious workplace safety violations and proposed a fine of more than $43,000.

The agency issued two repeated citations for exposing workers to falls and unguarded belts, pulleys and machinery after previously citing Linden, Alabama-based Linden Lumber L.L.C. for similar violations at the facility in February, according to a statement released Wednesday.

Those previous violations were initially tied to proposed combined penalties of more than $34,000, but the total amount was later reduced to $25,000 after informal settlement talks, according to agency documents.

The lumber company was also cited for seven serious violations for failing to provide safety procedures to prevent machinery from starting up during maintenance and servicing, for not providing protective eye wear to employees and for improper storage of compressed gas cylinders, among other alleged violations, according to the citations.

OSHA proposed penalties totaling $43,116 for the recent citations, according to the agency.

A company spokesperson could not be immediately reached for comment.