Investigative Hearing : WMATA Smoke and Electrical Arcing Accident in Washington, DC

Smoke and Electrical Arcing Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board will hold an investigative hearing to discuss the ongoing investigation into the January 12 smoke and electrical arcing accident that occurred in a tunnel near the L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Washington, D.C.  One woman was killed and more than 80 passengers aboard a Virginia-bound Yellow Line train were suffering from respiratory problems and other health issues.

The hearing, which will be held June 23-24, 2015, at the NTSB’s Board Room and Conference Center in Washington, DC, will focus on the following:

  • Conditions leading to the arcing
  • Emergency response efforts
  • WMATA’s efforts to improve its overall safety and safety culture (since the Fort Totten accident in June 2009)
  • The state of WMATA’s infrastructure
  • The Federal Transit Administration’s rulemaking on public transportation safety
  • The Tri-State Oversight Committee’s oversight responsibilities
Parties participating in the investigative hearing will be announced at a later time. Further investigative updates and investigative hearing information will be issued as events warrant.