Investigation into Death of Utility Worker

electrical workersLos Angeles, CA  – Southern California Edison and the Los Angeles County coroner’s office are continuing to investigate what caused a utility worker to die while he worked on power lines in Paramount, authorities said Thursday.

Jeffrey Moon, 26, of Los Angeles, was working on lines near California Avenue and Jefferson Street about 5:20 p.m. Wednesday.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, and Los Angeles County Fire Department officials initially reported his death as an electrocution.

But Edward Winter, a spokesman for the coroner’s office, said it was unclear if electrocution or an existing medical condition caused the death.

Winter said the worker was climbing a pole and slipped. He appeared to be having some sort of seizure. He added, “Until the full autopsy is done, we’re not sure if he suffered from a medical condition or was entangled in cable lines.”

An autopsy was conducted Thursday, but the cause of death was deferred until the full investigation is complete.

Susan Cox, a spokeswoman for Southern California Edison, said Moon had worked as a troubleman. Such workers are deployed as first responders to outages and other incidents.

The company said he was responding to a service issue for a customer, but declined to release additional information, citing the ongoing investigation.