Hotel Construction Collapse Kills 2, Dozens Injured, 1 Missing

Source: alhovik - 123RF

New Orleans, LA – OSHA is investigating the collapse of the upper floors of the Hard Rock Hotel under construction, killing two workers over the weekend, injuring dozens more.

Rescue teams are searching for a missing worker.

New Orleans Fire Department Superintendent, Tim McConnell, told reporters there were 112 workers at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site when the collapse occurred.

McConnell said the upper six to eight floors of the planned Hard Rock Hotel collapsed. The structure is considered stable but it is unsupported.

Authorities said at least 18 injured workers were transported to local hospitals. One remains hospitalized. Many injured workers showed up later in area hospitals to receive treatment.

Two cranes were shipped in to help secure the unstable part of the building enabling crews to go deeper in their search. Officials said two engineering experts have been flown in and a third is on the way to help with securing this structure.

According to UPI, Florida-based Hard Rock International is building an 18-story hotel with 350 rooms for hotel guests along with 62 one- and two-bedroom units for purchase.

Hard Rock said it wasn’t involved in the construction of the building.

Citadel Builders LLC was contracted by Kailas Companies, owner of the project, to build the Hard Rock Hotel based on a brand licensing agreement with Hard Rock International.

Streets around the site remain closed, Monday.