HazMat Surfing – Is This The Future?

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Photos courtesy of Michael Dyrland

SANTA MONICA, CA – A hopeful surfing trip to Los Angeles in October 2014 left Washington-based photographer Michael Dyrland disenchanted and disturbed.

Since it rains so infrequently in L.A., sewage, garbage, oil and fecal matter make their way from the semi-flooded streets to the sand and the ocean, creating a literally sickening mix of chemicals, bacteria and bodily fluid.

Through the photographic series ‘Hazmat Surfing’, Dyrland — in partnership with The Surfrider Foundation — captures the reality of what our shorelines might look like should we continue to follow current pollution trends.

Dyrland told SUN News he created this photo collection in an effort to raise awareness to ocean pollution and start a conversation about ocean conservation.

This creative and unique photography and film project will be sure to raise questions about what the future of our oceans looks like.

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