HazMat Scare near Fenway Park

Fenway Park

Boston, MA – Buildings were evacuated and the FBI was called in after an apparent “lab of some sort” was discovered just a few blocks away from Fenway Park last night in the basement of a market, police said.

Large quantities of acids and other potentially harmful chemicals were found below the Fenway Market at 76 Kilmarnock St., officials said.

Boston fire Commissioner Joseph Finn said firefighters using a mobile hazardous materials unit tested many of the chemicals at the scene to determine what they are. He said the market upstairs did not use refrigerants.

Inspectional Services Commissioner William Christopher said a complaint about the location came in through the city’s 311 City Hall hotline. He said a caller was questioning the conditions in the market so they sent an inspector out to have a look.

Authorities later said that the chemicals were not used for making drugs and were not explosives, though testing was ongoing. Police allowed residents who live nearby to return home by 9:30 p.m.