HazMat Scare at Texas Water Recycling Facility

S. San Antonio, TX – Hazmat crews were responding to the report of a chemical leak at a SAWS water recycling facility in south San Antonio early Tuesday morning.

According to San Antonio firefighters, they were called to the plant around 5:30 a.m. for what was initially thought to be a chlorine leak.

Anne Hayden, a SAWS representative, later confirmed the leak to be sulphur dioxide. The leak occurred in a room where they transfer chemicals. According to Hayden, it was due to a valve malfunction.

The employees that noticed the leak reportedly ran out of the room, and called the San Antonio Fire Department before seeking shelter.

SAFD said 12 employees were sheltered inside of the plant using hazmat suits, and were checked out by first responders following the report of the leak.

There was no report of injuries following the incident.

The facility was open and operational again at 7:30 a.m. SAWS representatives said employees were still expected to come to work.