Guests Evacuated After Construction Crew Shears Off Fire Hydrant

Menlo Park, San Francisco, CA – Guests at the Stanford Park Hotel were evacuated Saturday, after a construction crew, working on a new Stanford University housing project, sheared off a fire hydrant.

Acting Battalion Chief, John Wurdinger, told Bay Area CBS News that construction workers had struck a fire hydrant with a forklift, partially shearing it off.

Water was gushing out at an estimated rate of 4,500 gallons per minute.

The report added the waterfall effect flowing water into the three-story deep sub-surface parking garage under construction “filled it up like a large bathtub,” according to a fire department spokesman.

Before the hydrant could be shut off, significant damage had been done to the construction site.

Menlo Park Fire Chief, Harold Schapelhouman, said, “It will need to be evaluated for everyone’s safety. In the meantime, construction at the site will be shut-down until the area is pumped out, the damaged area is inspected.”

No injuries were reported.