Free Online Course for Flood Workers

Simi Valley, CA – Storm and flood cleanup activities can be hazardous. Workers and volunteers involved with flood cleanup should be aware of the potential dangers involved, and the proper safety precautions.

Work-related hazards that could be encountered include electrical hazards, Carbon Monoxide, musculoskeletal hazards, heat stress, motor vehicles, hazardous materials, fire, confined spaces, and falls.

Safety Unlimited, Inc., the parent company of SUN News has launched a FREE online course called Flood Cleanup Awareness Training.

Jules Griggs, President, and CEO of the group said, “A lot of times after natural disasters, the urge is to rush in and help people, but in doing so, they expose themselves to health hazards. An example is 9/11, where, today, thousands of first responders have died and are still suffering from illnesses linked to their work in the aftermath of the attacks.”

Griggs added: “Going into floodwaters exposes the first responder to unknown hazards. The water is mixed with sewage water and dangerous bacteria, eg. e Coli. They need to be made aware of the dangers before going in there. This course covers the recovery mode and the precautions that need to be taken by the worker. The course focuses on the worker’s rights, labor issues, focusing on identifying the hazards encountered during flood cleanup and how to avoid injury and illness associated with those hazards. It is intended as an introductory course for workers who may be involved in cleanup following severe flooding. This may involve demolition, removal of debris, general cleanup, etc.”

“The course does not cover the training that’s needed to go into a disaster site, but it does cover OSHA’s disaster training program, and possibly HAZWOPER training“, Griggs said.