Four People Injured in Chemical Spill at UC Irvine

IRVINE, CA — Four people were hospitalized in the early hours of Friday, after a chemical spill occurred in a laboratory at the University of California, Irvine.

Shortly after midnight, firefighters were sent to the bio-chemistry building located in the 500 block of Biological Court, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

Upon their arrival, authorities learned two students who were performing unrelated research noticed fumes in the building.

The third floor of the building was subsequently evacuated and facility management was called to the scene.

Two men and two women became overcome by the fumes, and experienced nausea and shortness of breath before calling 911.

Authorities said they were hospitalized for treatment of minor injuries.

Two of the students were able to recover on their own once outside of the building. They were not hospitalized.

In total, 25 firefighters, including 10 HazMat specialists, used a six-gas monitor to ensure that the air was cleared.