FL Construction Co Receives OSHA Recognition for Safety

Ft Lauderdale, FL – A construction company specializing in residential, business, and municipal work has been recognized by OSHA for safety practices and reducing on-the-job injuries.

Stiles Construction has been working closely with the University of South Florida (USF)SafetyFlorida Consultation Program, for several years on multiple projects.

Implementation of employee training was one of the major business practices in such disciplines as rigging, aerial lifts, powered industrial trucks, fall protection, and signaling.

From the time the Stiles Construction team began working with the USF SafetyFlorida, Consultation Program, illness and injury rates have progressively decreased.

During the last 6 months of construction of the Residence of Las Olas (R.O.L.O) site project from January 1, 2019, the injury and illness rate has been zero.

According to an OSHA news release, this accomplishment was only possible because of an entire team effort, from upper management to the hands-on employees in the field. The safety culture has not only grown, but it has also expanded to other Stiles projects.

While Stiles already had a pre-existing safety program in place, there was limited focus on the production of projects.

Now, construction personnel not only focus on production, they also place an equal emphasis on workplace safety and health, demonstrating that with the appropriate preparation, both safety and production are achievable, simultaneously.