Fire Department Launches Educational Video Series

Source: VCFD

Robbie to the Rescue! is Ventura County Fire Department’s new series designed to engage and educate the community on a variety of fire safety topics with the help of its mascot Firefighter Robby.

Beginning today, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, VCFD will continue to release a new episode every other week highlighting different topics and various people who work at the fire department.

In 2019, VCFD reached out to the public looking for frequently asked questions community members have about the fire department, its mission, people, operations and important safety messages.

Using this feedback, VCFD’s Public Information and Community Education Offices worked together to increase engagement opportunities for its popular Firefighter Robby mascot, who frequently makes public appearances, while bringing in department personnel to help answer the questions.

The result was the creation of dozens of light-hearted, fun, educational videos featuring topics such as fire extinguishers, checking smoke alarms, palm tree maintenance and more.

Each video is designed to teach people of all ages what firefighters do behind the scenes while reinforcing messages of safety and preparedness.

This new series is a great resource for parents, teachers, and educators to use and share at various training opportunities and presentations.

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