FAA Fines Aerospace Company for Violating Drug Testing Regs

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed a $173,100 civil penalty against Eaton Corporation Aerospace Operations of Irvine, Calif., after finding that the company violated drug and alcohol testing regulations.

The agency alleges that Eaton, which operates aircraft repair stations, failed to include six employees who performed safety-sensitive work in its random drug and alcohol testing pools, and that five of the six employees performed air carrier maintenance when they were not in the pools.

FAA also found that Eaton failed to conduct pre-employment drug tests before transferring two employees into safety-sensitive positions, failed to ask two employees if they had tested positive on a DOT pre-employment drug or alcohol test or refused to take such a test within the past two years, failed to retest all employees who received negative drug test results that indicated they had consumed large amounts of water beforehand, failed to use DOT testing forms for six employees, and failed to ensure its testing laboratory provided required statistical testing summaries.

According to the FAA, Eaton has requested to meet with the FAA to discuss the findings and penalty.