EPA Promulgates Change to Training Requirements for Certified Renovators

Certified Renovator

Washington — Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency passed a change to their Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule that sets forth regulations for lead-safe work practices and the conditions under which firms and individuals are certified to renovate, repair, and paint pre-1978 houses and child-occupied facilities.

Under this change, Certified Renovators are no longer required to take refresher training that includes a hands-on component every time they take their refresher training.

The hands-on component is now required every other time refresher training is taken. So after initial training to obtain certification, which lasts five years, a Certified Renovator can take an EPA, state, territorial, or tribal accredited course, online or in-person, without a hands-on component. He or she will then be certified for three years, at which time a refresher that does include a hands-on component must be taken. Certification from a refresher that includes a hands-on component will last five years.

The change to the RRP rule will allow Certified Renovators to obtain re-certification entirely through e-learning. This revision is expected to reduce burdens to industry in terms of time away from the job and the cost of refresher training. The EPA also expects the revision to lead to more renovators taking refresher training, resulting in a workforce better able to perform renovations in a lead-safe manner.