EMS Providers and Patient Injured in Ambulance Rollover

WEST BRANCH, Iowa — An ambulance rollover caused by black ice injured two EMS providers and a patient they were transporting.

According to police, the ambulance was taking the patient to the hospital when the driver lost control of the vehicle on a slick road.

The two EMS providers and patient were transported to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Scott County Emergency Medical Services fleet manager, Jeremy Pessman, said that speed was not a factor in the crash. The emergency vehicle, which was transporting a passenger, flipped upside down and crashed into a ditch. The patient, ambulance driver and ambulance attendant received minor injuries.

Pessman said Scott County Emergency Medical Services department is in the process of installing Road Safety devices manufactured by Zoll in 20 emergency vehicles and said in addition to collecting data for analysis, they emit a tone to alert the driver in real time in the case of excessive speed or unsafe driving.