EMS Agency Under Review for Complaints Over Unsafe Conditions

BROCKTON, Mass. — An ambulance company serving Brockton is facing scrutiny from OSHA over complaints about workplace conditions at a new facility in the city.

The ambulance company said the complaint was mainly about bathroom access at the new building, but representatives of the company rejected the complaint as “unfounded” and said there will be no citation forthcoming.

Brewster Ambulance recently moved into the Main Street building, with a sign still hanging outside on Wednesday, stating that it is the “future home” of the ambulance service. Previously, the company’s main base in the city was on West Chestnut Street, in a building that now has a sign for Lynch’s Towing out front.

OSHA said it has six months from the Feb. 7 start date to finish its inspection and then issue its findings on the conditions at the new Brewster Ambulance facility.

A claim that the building lacked carbon monoxide detectors was also included in the OSHA complaint. But Kim Cordeiro, operations director for Brewster, said that complaint was already addressed before Brewster Ambulance received the OSHA complaint.

The Brockton Fire Department came to the building after people smelled an odor, but there was no carbon monoxide detected by the fire department, Cordeiro said. After that, Brewster Ambulance added additional carbon monoxide detectors to the building, she said, adding that the claims made against Brewster Ambulance will not result in any OSHA citations against the company.

Cordeiro said Brewster Ambulance makes sure that employees have everything they need, and she said the company goes beyond federal guidelines to make sure they are comfortable.