Dozens of Workers Evacuated Following Release of Hazardous Fumes

Oxnard, CA – Emergency services were called to a finishing and manufacturing company after two unknown chemicals apparently mixed together and released fumes.

About 2 dozen workers at Alliance Finishing and Manufacturing were evacuated from the premises for possible chemical exposure, at 1721 Ives avenue, Oxnard, an industrial area west of Rose avenue.

The Ventura County Star reports that all those exposed refused transport to the hospital.

15 hazmat units were at the scene, and according to Battalion Chief, Sergio Martinez, the fumes were apparently created during an attempted transfer of ammonium chloride from a 55-gallon drum to another container. The second container was apparently not clean.

By early afternoon, crews had made entry into the building and found the fumes had stopped on their own.

The business remained closed while officials investigate the circumstances that led to the release.

According to OSHA, many industrial chemicals are highly toxic and may rapidly affect exposed individuals.

Toxic industrial chemicals (whether as a gas, aerosol, or liquid) enter the body through inhalation, through the skin, or through digestion. The time that it takes for a toxic industrial chemical to begin working, is dependent mainly on the route that the agent enters the body.

Generally, poisoning occurs more quickly if a chemical enters through the lungs (because of the ability of the agent to rapidly diffuse throughout the body).

Information related to how the chemicals affect humans and symptoms of exposure to specific chemicals can be found in material safety data sheets (MSDS) or chemical information cards.