Dozens of FedEx Employees Evacuated After Hazmat Scare

KENT, Wash. – Thirty employees were evacuated from a FedEx warehouse in Kent after a hazardous material scare overnight, but no one was hurt and the building reopened after the leak was contained.

Firefighters and emergency hazmat teams from four different agencies responded to the scene, in the 6200 block of South 228th Street, at about 11:40 p.m. Wednesday after receiving a report of a hazardous material leak.

Arriving at the scene, they found that employees had already evacuated the building after a 55-gallon drum had been punctured by a forklift.

The driver of the forklift was evaluated and found not to be suffering any symptoms.

Responders eventually determined that the punctured drum contained organic peroxide, and there was no danger. The leak was contained and a chemical clean-up company was called in.

According to the company supervisor, the evacuation of the building went very smoothly due to the annual emergency drills in which all the employees participate.