Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) Approved

Carlsbad, CA  – The Department of Energy’s Carlsbad Field Office (CBFO) has approved the contractor’s Documented Safety Analysis (DSA).

The latest DSA was developed based on the new DOE standard DOE-STD-3009-2014, Preparation of Non-Reactor Nuclear Facility Documented Safety Analysis, and defines the safety parameters under which the facility operates.

The DSA includes detailed examination of seven different types of potential events at the WIPP site, such as fires, explosions or energetic events, radiological releases and impacts of natural phenomenon such a high winds or tornadoes.

The analysis includes evaluation of the likelihood and consequences of these events, as well as the engineered and administrative controls or technical safety requirements necessary to mitigate or minimize impacts to the safety of the workers, the facility and the environment.

The approval of the DSA will allow the WIPP management and operations contractor Nuclear Waste Partnership to complete the final phase of their Independent Verification Review (IVR) and finalize training the workforce on procedures necessary to implement the new safety basis.

Successful completion of the IVR allows for implementation of the DSA which is the last step on the critical path before the start of cold operations, which is the phase of restart that involves conducting facility operations with simulated waste containers.