CSB Spotlighting Safety Guidelines

Strong industry safety guidelines, codes, and standards play a key role in protecting the safety and health of workers, the public, and the environment.

As part of its mission, the US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) makes recommendations to standards developing organizations (SDOs), when industrywide safety gaps or weaknesses are identified during an incident investigation.

The agency’s Safety Spotlight highlights just a few examples of revised and newly created industry codes and standards developed by SDOs following CSB investigations that clearly drive critical chemical safety change.

SDOs can play a vital role in driving chemical safety change in the U.S. because of the variety of systems, equipment, and processes addressed by SDO guidance and standards, and the broad-reaching influence of such documents.

For this reason, the CSB highly values the contribution of SDOs for accident prevention and safety advancement.

This Safety Spotlight focuses on a few of the critical industry safety codes and standards developed and issued by SDOs following incidents investigated by the CSB.