Creating Safe Spaces in Return-to-Work Scenario

The National Safety Council (NSC) has announced the creation of SAFER: Safe Actions for Employee Returns, a targeted, multi-faceted effort to help employees create a safe work environment when they return to work in a post-COVID-19 pandemic environment.

Created by the National Safety Council, in partnership with Fortune 500 companies, leading safety organizations and public health experts, the initiative creates the first national task force focused on worker safety.

The task force will issue recommendations and develop guidance for employers of all sizes as they navigate the changed work environment and determine the most critical needs.

SAFER also will:

  • Identify complexities in reengaging the workforce, including contractors, by partnering with human resources, legal, labor, healthcare and workers compensation providers; and
  • Develop general and sector-specific playbooks to help America’s businesses align worker safety with business objectives

SAFER will serve as the leading workplace safety voice to employers, ensuring safety is at the core of all business decisions.

The task force is comprised of nonprofit organizations, businesses, medical professionals, government agencies, and trade associations who will share their expertise to develop industry- and risk-specific resources and recommendations.

Through the NSC, task force researchers will issue resources with insights, policies, guidelines, and tools across industry sectors with the goal of disseminating the life-saving information quickly so employers do not lose time on trial and error.

Lorraine M Martin, NSC President and CEO said, “With SAFER, we are confident we’re bringing the best minds together to ensure Americans have the safest transition back to work so we can truly flatten the curve and enable people to live their fullest lives.”