Cosmetics Co Fined Following Worker Death in Nov 2017

New Windsor, NY – OSHA has cited a cosmetics factory for 11 safety violations, including 10 deemed serious and two repeat offenses, plus $281,220 in proposed fines.

The penalties follow the death of a 57-year-old worker in an explosion at Verla International Ltd., which was fueled by flammable and combustible chemicals used in the manufacture of perfume, nail polish, lotion and other beauty products – throughout the day and into the night. 7 firefighters were injured in the explosion.

125 workers had to seek medical treatment in the incident.

The fire was caused by a preventable static electric spark from the transfer of the flammable liquid Hexamethyldisiloxane, according to fire inspectors.

OSHA confirmed that finding on Friday and again cited Verla, which received the same violation for failing to ground flammable liquids, their containers and pouring nozzles in 2016.

The 11 safety violations follow the 19 safety violations Verla received from 2013 to 2016, including 13 serious citations, and $60,421 in fines.

Verla workers reported a lack of occupational health, safety and evacuation training and no protective equipment beyond paper masks and hair nets to keep saliva and hair from contaminating products.