Connecticut DOL Receives $2.1 Million for Employee Retention Initiative

Source: Luis Louro - 123RF

Hartford, CT – The Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) has received a $2.1 million federal grant as part of the Retaining Employment and Talent After Injury/Illness Network (RETAIN) initiative.

The RETAIN initiative is a joint demonstration with the Department of Labor (DOL) intended to help workers stay at work or return to work after experiencing a work-threatening injury, illness, or disability. The demonstration seeks to identify new, replicable strategies to help individuals with a work-related disability stay on the job, with the ultimate goal of reducing long-term disability, including the need for federal disability programs, and increase labor force participation among those individuals.

The US DOL announced the availability of $20 million in grant money in May, 2018, as part of the first phase in identifying practices that can keep those who suffer work-related injury, illness, or disability in the work force. The DOL expects to award up to eight grants of approximately $2.5 million to be spent over an 18-month period for planning and start-up activities.

The DOL expects to award four Phase One grantees with additional funding up to $19.5 million apiece to implement their demonstration projects at full scale as part of Phase Two.

Phase Two is expected to span 42 months, with 30 months of project implementation and 12 months for closeout and final assessment.

The Social Security Administration will administer an independent evaluation of the RETAIN projects.