Common Safety Hazards on Jobsites

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In an article in Safety & Health, a team of National Safety Council consultants has identified the 7 most common safety hazards in the workplace.

These include tasks related to:

  • Working at height,
  • Chemicals,
  • Housekeeping,
  • Electrical,
  • Forklifts,
  • Lockout/tagout, and
  • Confined spaces.

Jo-Anne Dankert, an NSC senior consultant based in Arizona, said hazards associated with working at height can originate from a lack of understanding. Employers may not know they have to provide fall protection, or the fall protection gear may not be worn properly or not hooked up to anything. Some employers don’t even have a written fall protection procedure or process.

Employers need to identify all locations where fall protection is necessary – as well as where the engineered anchor points are – and train employees and regularly audit the fall protection program, she said.

The team added that if the risk assessment and permit process are done correctly, and all steps are followed, employers won’t have a problem.

“If you don’t plan it correctly, you plan for a disaster.”