Columbia College Students Injured in Chemical Reaction

COLUMBIA, MO – Three Columbia College students were injured in what was described as a “chemical reaction gone wrong.”

Columbia College spokesman, Sam Fleury said the three students were working on an experiment in one of the chemistry labs in the Brouder Science Center when the incident occurred.

They were taken immediately to a chemical shower where the chemicals were washed off of the students. He said they were all wearing goggles at the time of the incident.

The Columbia Fire Department arrived within 10 minutes of the incident, which occurred around 1:30 p.m.

Battalion Chief Stephen G. Potter said crews remained on scene for about an hour until maintenance crews arrived to clean up the spill.

He said initial reports from joint communications indicated that only two students received chemical burns from nitrous acid.

Fleury said two of the students received minor injuries and were treated and released on the scene.

The third student received moderate injuries and was taken to University Hospital for evaluation.