Coast Guard Holding Active Shooter Drill

Source: US Coast Guard

New Orleans, LA – The US Coast Guard and local officials are scheduled to hold an active shooter drill at the Port of New Orleans Cruise Terminal from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday, July 31st.

Large numbers of public safety personnel, equipment, sirens, and simulated gunfire are expected at the terminal.

According to the agency’s news release, this is a test of staff and equipment and will not pose a threat to the public.

DHS states: “Active shooter incidents are often unpredictable and evolve quickly. In the midst of the chaos, anyone can play an integral role in mitigating the impacts of an active shooter incident. DHS aims to enhance preparedness through a “whole community” approach by providing  products, tools, and resources to help you prepare for and respond to an active shooter incident.”

Organized by the Coast Guard, this important drill will simulate a full-scale response to a large-scale attack.

It will include coordination between the following responding agencies:

  • Coast Guard
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Customs and Border Protection
  • Louisiana State Police
  • Local and State Offices of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
  • Port of New Orleans
  • New Orleans Police, Fire, and EMS
  • Local Parish Sherriff’s Offices.

The FBI listed 28 mass shootings in 2018. This year alone has seen an average of two active shootings per month, with the latest at the Garlic Festival in Northern California over the weekend, in which 3 people were killed (including two children) and 15 injured.