CO2 Leak Causes Temporary Shutdown of Dry Ice Facility

CO2 leak

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA – HazMat crews responded to a CO2 leak on Tuesday at the Airgas Dry Ice facility in Santa Fe Springs.

Corporate spokesperson, Sarah Boxler, told SUN News that shortly after 1:30 a.m., an employee alerted authorities of a 40,000 pound liquid carbon dioxide tanker that was leaking following the transfer of the gas from the tanker to a container at the facility on McCann Drive.

Upon their arrival, firefighters located a low white cloud on the ground.

The Whittier Police Department was then called to assist at the scene, and a HazMat response subsequently occurred.

Paramedics transported one employee with non-life threatening injuries. He is expected to recover fully.

Boxler said that the leak has been fully contained, and as a precaution, the facility has been shut down, pending a full investigation. She said, “the immediate concern was to secure the area and ensure the safety of our associates at the facility, as well as the safety of the community. We evacuated our associates as a precaution and there is no impact to the surrounding community.”