Chemical Plume at Michigan Plant

Chemical Plume

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – First responders temporarily issued a shelter in place order following a chemical release on the city’s northwest side.

The hazardous material situation happened around 1 p.m. Tuesday at Haviland Enterprises, located near Turner Avenue and Ann Street NW.

Grand Rapids FD told SUN News an oxidizer reaction occurred, sending a chemical plume in the air. This involved the same chemicals as a similar release in Sept. 2014.

Today’s hazardous materials release at Haviland Enterprises is the third such emergency in 16 months.

Last September, pool chemicals, known as oxidizers, got wet, creating a chlorine plume at the chemical plant. State inspectors closed that case two weeks later without assessing fines or penalties.

Firefighters evacuated businesses along Turner where the plume was strongest. Residents living north of the area were advised to stay inside because the gas release could create breathing discomfort.

A similar hazmat situation occurred in March 13, 2014 when dry agents reacted, also releasing a chemical plume. Haviland last July was fined $3,500 for the incident; it was reduced $1,750.

The company, founded in 1934, has two divisions, one provides specialty chemicals for things like surface finishing while the consumer products division distributes more than 85 different swimming pool chemicals.