CDC Launches RX Awareness Campaign

Atlanta, GA  – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched a campaign intended to help reduce opioid-related overdose deaths.

Overdoses from opioids – drugs such as oxycodone and morphine that doctors prescribe to help relieve pain – contributed to more than 183,000 deaths from 1999 to 2015, the CDC reports.

The Rx Awareness campaign tells the real stories of people whose lives were torn apart by prescription opioids. The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness that prescription opioids can be addictive and dangerous. The campaign also strives to decrease the number of individuals who use opioids recreationally or overuse them.

Campaign materials state, “Whether you are a healthcare provider, first responder, law enforcement officer, public health official or community member, the opioid epidemic is likely affecting you and your community. No matter who you are, you can take action to end the opioid overdose epidemic ravaging the United States.”

The CDC created the Rx Awareness campaign for states, coalitions, and communities to implement across the country. These groups can use all the
Rx Awareness campaign materials and tag them for local use. The launch also includes a campaign implementation guide to support states in using the campaign materials. These materials are available to CDC-funded states and will also be publicly available in the future through an online resource center.

Campaign videos include testimonials from people who are recovering from opioid misuse, as well as family members of those who died from opioid overdoses. The campaign uses the tagline, “It only takes a little to lose a lot,” and provides images to be shared on social media channels.