Casino Roof Collapse Leaves 11 Injured

Source: Camilo Jimenez - Unsplash

Visitors to magazine tycoon Larry Flint’s Lucky Lady Casino in the 1000 block of Rosecrans Avenue, Gardena, CA, were not so lucky today when the roof of the building suffered a partial collapse.

LA County FD reports that 11 people were injured, with one “moderate” and 10 minor injuries. Seven people were transported to the hospital.

Police released photos from inside the casino showing ceiling panels, sheetrock and other debris scattered across gaming tables.

Fire officials posted a photo from the roof, showing two rectangular-shaped trailers sunk into the partially collapsed area.

A visitor who was inside at the time told CBS that he had visited the casino before and noticed that the roof of the casino had been taped up.

Officials are on scene trying to determine the cause of the collapse.