Carbon Monoxide Leak in Hotel Pool Area Kills Teen

Niles, Mich — Six patients, including at least five children, remain hospitalized in good condition after a carbon monoxide leak in a southern Michigan hotel pool area killed a 13-year-old boy.

South Bend Memorial Hospital spokeswoman, Heidi Prescott said Sunday, that five children who initially were reported in fair or serious condition following the incident Saturday at the Quality Inn & Suites in Niles are in good condition. She says a police officer and three other children have been released.

First responders in say the rescue effort at the hotel, was riskier than usual.

Captain Don Wise of the Niles City Fire Department said: “When we first went in, we went in with our monitors. The monitors went off and the time it would’ve taken us to go back out and get air packs suited to come back in we can grab the patients and start pulling them out as we leave, so all the responders took a little more risk, but we had to get those kids out of there and into fresh air for their best chance of survival.”

The carbon monoxide levels near the pool were 16 times the safe limit.

Niles Fire Capt. Don Wise told reporters the carbon monoxide leak happened as a result of ventilation issues from the hotel’s pool heater. Niles Police Chief James Millin said he could not speak to how the hotel will take steps to prevent future incidents, but hopes they install carbon monoxide detectors throughout the building.