Cal/OSHA Report: 3 San Diego Cabinet Makers Putting Workers at Risk

San Diego, CA —Cal/OSHA inspectors on the Labor Enforcement Task Force (LETF) have ordered three cabinet-making companies in San Diego County to stop using unguarded saws that put employees at risk for serious injury, including amputation and lacerations.

Task force inspectors with the Labor Commissioner’s Office also issued work stop orders to two of the businesses that didn’t have workers’ compensation insurance.

Cal/OSHA inspectors issued the safety stop orders on the unguarded table saws to M. Stanton Company and E&A Cabinets, both of San Ysidro, and Custom Carpentry Solutions of Chula Vista on February 17 and 18. The employers must correct the hazardous conditions in order to put the machinery back into operation.

The businesses may be cited for additional workplace safety violations once Cal/OSHA’s investigations are complete. Task force inspectors with the Labor Commissioner’s Office found that all three companies were in violation of other labor laws, including the failure to provide itemized wage statements and licensing violations.

The labor law penalties levied total $21,392 for E&A Cabinets, $31,928 for Custom Carpentry Solutions and $105,000 for M. Stanton Company. E&A Cabinets and Custom Carpentry Solutions were ordered to stop all work until they secure workers’ compensation insurance.