Cal/OSHA Cites Two Employers for Serious Meat-Grinder Accident

San Luis Obispo,CA — Cal/OSHA has cited Vitco Meats and temporary employment agency Volt Workforce Solutions a combined $74,500 following a nearly fatal accident at a San Luis Obispo meat processing plant that left a worker with a crushed right hand, a broken arm, and nerve damage.

Neither company had trained the employee to safely operate or clean the industrial meat grinder he was operating.

On July 16, 2015, the worker was attempting to remove ground beef stuck inside the hopper of a meat mixer, which moves beef into the grinder.

When he reached into the hopper, the power was still live. Paddles that move the beef rotated twice, causing severe injuries to the employee. Had the paddles rotated a third time, the accident could have been fatal.

Cal/OSHA’s investigation found that Vitco Meats did not require employees to disengage the power on industrial equipment prior to cleaning. Additionally, the company lacked specific procedures for powering down the meat grinder, which also lacked a required cover with interlock. Cal/OSHA issued a total of nine citations to Vitco Meats with proposed penalties of $63,900.

Cal/OSHA also issued a serious citation to Volt Workforce Solutions for failing to ensure that Vitco Meats had an injury and illness prevention program or safety training for meat grinders. A serious violation is cited when there is a realistic possibility that death or serious harm could result from the actual hazardous condition.

The company was also issued one regulatory and two general citations for proposed penalties of $10,600.

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