Cal/OSHA Approves Hotel Housekeeper Safety Rules

Cal/OSHA has approved new measures to keep industry workers safe from workplace injuries. The state’s workplace health and safety watchdog voted 6–0 to enact Section 3345, Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention.

The approval is part of Cal/OSHA’s wave of efforts to protect housekeepers from workplace dangers including injuries, heavy workloads, sexual harassment, and assault.

Hospitality workers often lift 100 lb. mattresses dozens of times each day, push heavy carts and vacuum across miles of carpet. This workload can lead to strain, sprain and tears, which can require physical therapy or even lead to permanent disability, according to Cal/OSHA.

Under the new standard, hotels will be required to identify and reduce injury risks for workers, including providing proper tools such as long-handled mops or devices to help make beds. In addition, housekeepers will receive training on injury risks and have the right to suggest solutions to those risks, according to the new rules.