Wall Collapse in NY City Kills One Worker, Injures Another

NY, NY – One construction worker was killed and another was injured after a wall collapsed at the site of a former historic synagogue in Manhattan, New York City on Monday.

According to OH&S, the site was part of a large construction project with multiple pending buildings. In May 2017, the synagogue at the site burned in a fire.

The two workers were rushed to a hospital, where one of the victims was pronounced dead. The other is in serious condition as of Monday.

Michael Ajello, assistant chief of the FDNY, told reporters. “It was within five or 10 minutes that they were extricated and removed from the scene.”

The existing project on the site will eventually include a 30-story tower and a 16-story building on Norfolk Street, as well as a new synagogue that incorporates the burned-out structure.

Meanwhile, effective October 15th, the New York Department of Buildings requires general contractors post worker safety information signs at construction sites where site safety training is required.

The signs must contain specific information about required worker safety training, including all site safety training deadlines and the number of required training hours.

The information must be in all the languages used by workers to communicate at the construction site.

In addition, the signs must be clearly visible to workers and must be posted at the construction site as follows:

  • Sites with construction fencing must post a sign at each egress point on the inside of the construction fencing, including vehicle delivery fence gates and existing loading docks; and
  • Sites without construction fencing must post a sign at each egress point within the controlled access zone where construction is taking place and at each existing loading dock or location being used for construction delivery or access.

The Department of Buildings was evaluating the stability of the remaining structure.

The FDNY also said it was setting up collapse perimeters.