Bridge Repair Company Named a ‘Severe Violator’ after Fatal Trench Collapse

Williamsport, PA.- OSHA has named Susquehanna Supply Company Inc. a ‘severe violator’ due to willful violations and the company’s extensive history of violations dating back to the early 1970s.

An employee working inside a 12-foot-deep trench was killed when an adjacent trench wall collapsed and buried him.  His employer had been working under contract for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The inspected location was a work site just outside Little Fishing Creek on State Route 4021 Eyers Grove Road in Millville, Pennsylvania. The bridge repair and construction company was contracted by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to rehabilitate a small steel-frame bridge over the creek.

OSHA issued citations for two willful violations for lack of cave-in protection. Proposed penalties total $140,000.

Mark Stelmack, director of OSHA’s Wilkes-Barre office stated that the company took unacceptable risks with its workers’ lives by failing to comply with common-sense safety practices intended to prevent trenching tragedies such as this from occurring, adding that employers who expose workers to cave-in hazards from an unprotected trench place those employees’ lives in immediate jeopardy.