Are You Being Pressured by Your Boss to Return to Work?

A new survey commissioned by Thermalcheck, a manufacturer of no-contact temperature check stations, shows that 1 out of 14 people feel pressured by their employer to return to work, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

2,000 U.S. workers were covered in the survey to learn how they’d handle their health when returning to the workplace during and after the pandemic.

The survey also found that 80 percent would have gone into work with a cold or flu. Feeling guilty was the leading motivator to work while sick.

A spokesman from Thermalcheck said: “Despite the pandemic and the advice to avoid others if you feel unwell, there are still a large number of workers who will feel they need to go into the workplace”.

The study also found 73 percent of workers would gain assurance from colleagues’ temperatures being tested before coming into the building – avoiding anyone with a fever coming in close proximity.

Other findings:

  • 33% of the respondents said they’d keep working with cold or flu symptoms because they’d miss their colleagues, along with office banter and gossip;
  • More than one-third said they don’t usually consider their co-workers’ health when deciding to go to work when feeling ill;
  • A stomachache wouldn’t stop 52% of the respondents from reporting to work, while 40% said the same about a bad cough. Thirty-three percent said chest tightness wouldn’t keep them home; and
  • 40% believe they’ve passed an illness to a co-worker as a consequence of trying to be viewed as a hard worker.

OSHA has issued guidance to assist employers and workers in safely returning to work and reopening businesses.

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