Ammunition Manufacturer Cited After Two Workers Killed in Explosion

Perry, FL – OSHA has cited ammunition manufacturer AMTEC Less Lethal Systems Inc. for exposing employees to explosive hazards after an explosion fatally injured two workers at the company’s Perry, Florida, facility.

The company faces $188,290 in penalties for multiple serious violations, and a willful violation that carries the maximum penalty allowed.

OSHA cited AMTEC Less Lethal Systems Inc. – which operates as PACEM Solutions International LLC – for failing to develop and implement management of change procedures when they increased the maximum explosive limits of pyrotechnic flash powder in or near the blast booths from 200 grams to 500 grams.

OSHA also cited the company for the following violations:

  • Failing to maintain the engineer’s specifications for the blowout panels installed on the blast booths;
  • Using blast booths that did not comply with good engineering practices; and
  • Failing to train employees on the operating procedures for work in the diversion section production room.

OSHA stated in a news release, “This tragedy could have been prevented if AMTEC had complied with OSHA standards.”