Ammonia Leak Kills Warehouse Worker

BOSTON, MA – Boston police and fire officials are investigating the death of an employee at a seafood warehouse in South Boston Wednesday, following an ammonia leak at the facility.

High levels of the gas at the Stavis Seafoods at 7 Channel Street prevented crews from immediately entering the large cold-storage facility in the neighborhood’s Seaport District.

A hazmat team from the city’s Fire Department managed to shut off the main valve to stop the leak.

Officials said the incident triggered a level 3 hazmat response – requiring responders to wear air masks and fully encapsulated suits.

Massachusetts State Police officials assisted city police and fire units at the scene, advising all businesses and residences in the area to shelter in place.

Exposure to large amounts of ammonia, which is widely used in industrial refrigeration, can cause severe lung damage or death.

The seafood storage and processing facility contains more than a million pounds of frozen fish and seafood, according to the company’s website.