Alleged Safety Violations at TX Poultry Plant

Source: radututa - 123RF

Sanderson Farms poultry plant in Bryan, TX, is under the spotlight for alleged safety violations related to bathroom breaks for its workers, among other infractions.

OSHA is being urged to investigate complaints that workers are being denied bathroom breaks for up to 5 hours on food processing lines and experiencing sexual harassment at the third largest poultry provider in the country.

According to a report in The Guardian, in addition, some workers reportedly are refusing to drink water, despite the strenuous work, to avoid having to use the restroom.

Some former workers say the speed of the production line would pick up randomly throughout the day, forcing workers to overexert themselves, and, in some cases, cause injury.

Workers from various other plants in North Carolina and Arkansas are claiming similar mistreatment.

Sanderson Farms said in a statement, “Such allegations…are, frankly, offensive. The idea that anyone would treat another human being like that is difficult to imagine and if that happened in our plant those supervisors would be terminated immediately.”

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