3 Dead in Boiler Explosion

St Louis, MO – Three people were killed and four others injured when a boiler exploded in a building in an industrial area on Russel and 7th, near Soulard, south St. Louis, reportedly sending the boiler airborne and through the roof of a nearby building.

65 firefighters responded to the scene within 15 minutes of the call, around 8 a.m.

The St. Louis Fire Department said on Twitter that two of the victims sustained critical injuries in the blast shortly before 8 a.m. Monday at the Loy-Lange Box Co. Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson said the boiler is about the size of a full-size van.

Fire officials say at least three buildings have been damaged by debris.

Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson said part of the boiler housed in an office area went through Loy-Lange’s roof.

Mark Spence, the COO of Faultless Healthcare Linen, confirmed that two Faultless Healthcare Linen employees were killed from debris that came into the plant after the explosion.

“One other Faultless Healthcare Linen employee was involved and the extent of that person’s injuries has not been confirmed,” Spence said in a statement. “We immediately will be giving what practical help we can to our employees and their families. We are grateful to the firefighters and other emergency responders who have acted heroically in response to this tragic event.”

Spence said this location has 106 employees and that it could not yet be confirmed how many were in the building at the time of the incident.