SoCalGas Releases Results of Indoor Testing

PORTER RANCH, CA – A SoCalGas news release says the screening and laboratory results show that the level of methane  detected in indoor air in the homes sampled is well below California EPA’s screening value, and consistent with normal indoor air levels.

Additionally, mercaptan was not detected in the indoor air. According to Geosyntec’s report, no further testing is warranted.

The objective of the indoor air screening was to determine if methane and natural gas odorants were present in homes in concentrations that could warrant further evaluation. The screening was completed on March 14 through 16 in more than 70 homes throughout the Porter Ranch community.

SoCalGas said: “All screenings for methane were found to be well below levels that would warrant further evaluation. In addition, no natural gas odorants (mercaptans) were detected in any sample.”

“Methane screening was conducted using a handheld flame ionization detector. Measurements were taken in all accessible rooms, garages and in the outdoor air at each residence. In addition to field screening for methane, samples were collected at each residence in Tedlar® bags for lab analysis for any odorants or sulfur compounds.”

In addition to the indoor air screening, SoCalGas states that it continues assessing and cleaning all reports of brown spots on the exterior of more than 200 homes, and has completed cleaning at four public parks, private schools, and community playgrounds.

More than 26,000 air filtration systems have been installed in nearly 9,000 homes, schools and businesses.

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