Oregon To Reevaluate PELs on Some Hazardous Chemicals

OSHA Fines

exposure_limitOregon OSHA administrator Michael Wood has announced that his agency will tackle “the challenge of outdated permissible exposure limits” by encouraging employers to consider using more up-to-date and protective levels, and by reevaluating four to six of the most significant and outdated PELs on a state level.

He said that OSHA will be bringing together a group of toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and others to advise us about which chemicals represent the most significant unregulated – or under-regulated – risks, as well as to identify any existing state-initiated PELs that are unnecessarily restrictive.

OSHA Assistant Secretary Dr. David Michaels welcomed the announcement, saying, “OSHA’s state counterparts have always been sources of innovations in worker health and safety. Oregon OSHA’s initiative to update Permissible Exposure Limits shows how adaptable and effective State Plans can be in addressing safety and health issues.”