2 Workers Killed After Boom Hits Power Line

Source: arcady31 - 123RF

Palm Coast, FL – 2 construction workers were electrocuted when the boom they were operating hit power lines, sending 13,000 volts through them, killing them instantly.

According to Flagler County Sheriff, Rick Staly, the workers were laying a concrete foundation for a new house when the incident occurred. A witness called 911, telling the operator that she was a distance away from one of the men who was lying on the ground, but she said she could tell he was not moving.

The sheriff said, “The victims were on either side of the truck on the ground; one worker was controlling the boom with a tethered remote, the other worker was cleaning out the truck in the boom with water. The electricity went through the boom, through the truck, and because they were touching the truck, they were hit.”

The workers, identified as Richard Hockaday and Gerald Anderson, were employed by subcontractor Nomad LLC. Three other nearby workers were not injured.

According to officials, the incident also knocked out power to several homes in the area.

According to elcosh.org, every year, hundreds of construction workers are killed or injured by overhead and underground power lines.

OSHA is investigating the accident.